Chubby Minutes, Literary Hub.

Pleasure Kid, Tin House.

Hog For Sorrow, Bomb

Smiling, Sadie Magazine.

The Underside of Charm, Joyland.

Historic Tree Nurseries, The Literarian.

A Coffin, Conduit.

When Watched, Open City.



The Bird, commissioned by Lévy Gorvy Gallery for the Martial Raysse exhibition and the book Martial Raysse: VISAGES.

I Am Young in My Love for the Moon, The New York Tyrant.

Fire, Racetrack, Now, Puckered, iO.

Friday, Egg, Morning Cocktail, Videotape, The Brooklyn Rail.

Everyone Like Her, Big Lucks.

My Mouth University, Death Hums.

Veronica Bench, Bone Bouquet

Or, My Baby, Imperial Matters.

Tender, Everyday Genius.

Fountain,  The Volta.

Creature, The Hairpin.

Good For Poetry, Pen America.

Meaty, Vacation, Birds Come Here, Ice Cream, Elf, Yeah, One Night, Happiness, And He is Just Like Me, Apology.

Charms, Chair, Darkness, Rattapallax.

Booth, No, Dear.

Flower, Frances, The Hole, Drunken Boat.

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